“The idea of burying our pictures on a hard drive or keeping them on a memory card, is in my opinion, a waste of great memories”
Bryan Caproricci


For us, we believe that every moment should be worth capturing, celebrating and reliving. We like to think that we’re champions of reliving your most precious memories. For all your firsts, the celebrations that are both big and small, know that they deserved to be cherish. We’re true believers in the power of print and we take great honour in joining you on the journey to conjure your memories back to life. Transform the photos you have stored in all that digital mush into a worthy keepsake. A keepsake that you would love to revisit, over and over.


We started off as a personalized book publisher. Over the years, our team has been fortunate enough to have worked with some of the best in the education sectors including ECDA, EtonHouse and GESS, just to name a few.
This experience, coupled with our meticulous attention to detail, has helped us to create beautiful books, bringing your moments and memories to life.

With our exclusive partnership with FM2B Philippines, we are proud to bring our personalized products to the Manila Province.


p;log is actually a crisp contraction of photo log. The punctuation mark “;” serves to achieve a break – both aurally and in the mind. An unusual name deserves an imaginative vehicle and the the playful cloud symbol opens up a world of possibilities.